F.A.Q - Sami Logam

Frequently Asked Questions.

NO! You can't be staff at Sami Logam, we'll inform and send a form link for staff applications on Sami Logam

[VIP] and [VIP+] Ranks are free and can be used forever, we won't remove it, if you need that rank you can inform any staff and they'll add that role to you, please note that applying a free role can't be removed, until you take a paid rank.

There is a chat integration on our site, you can contact us there, it may take more than 2 hours to get a reply.

Unfortunately we can't say which plugins we use, We use PaperMC 1.16.5 as Server Software.

The store is not open, as we use a free service we can't use the stores plugin, but we'll soon move to other host and the store will be open for you to buy the good ranks at cheap prices.

No, At the moment we use a free hosting service, so the server will not be 24/7 online, but it can stay online as long as someone plays on it.

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